When I heard about this protection, I wanted o be one of the first subscribers. Unlike anything else available, it protects and allows you to recover anything lost or stolen. For my hard earned money, there is nothing better.  It also identifies  suspects when they try to resell stolen things.  ~ Ofc. Pat C.

As a Police officer and manger of my household, this is a no brainer  for me to subscribe to Serlock.  a bad guy will learn quickly not to mess with a Serlock protected home. They will be taking a trip to jail when the software reports them to law enforcement. ~ Ofc. Lisa G.

Being a police detective, I’ve wondered why nothing like Serlock was out there before now. Serlock works perfectly with the tools police use to catch bad guys. One would be foolish not to subscribe and get the highest level of protection for fractions of dollars on their household. ~ Ofc. Paul C


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